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RST Checklist App

RST Checklist app logo

This app helps refugees in central Texas by providing them a checklist of resettlement TODO's and notifications from Refugee Services of Texas (RST).

Try it out

Download RST Checklist on the Play Store.

Screenshots of the app's welcome, checklist, and checklist item activities

We've been using the latest 2.2 version of the canary channel of Android Studio to develop, so if you want to hack on it, it's probably easiest to download that, clone the project, and run the app. If you're on a stable channel, you may need to tweak the dependency version in the top level build.gradle.

Translations process

We need translations in two areas of this app:

  1. The Android-standard strings.xml resource files
  2. The Firebase database used to store the checklist items. This file is mirrored in the source

To streamline the process, we've got a little script to get a CSV of the translations: tocsv > strings.csv

We import that to a Google Sheet where missing translations are highlighted in red:

And that can be exported to CSV again, run through our tool, and easily imported back into the app with a clean diff to track changes:

cat strings-from-google-sheet.csv | tostrings

See some red on that sheet under a language you speak? Let us know!t


  1. Bump the versionCode and versionName in the app/build.gradle file.
  2. Annotate any un-translated strings with tools:ignore="MissingTranslation" (this change won't be committed)
  3. Run the "Generate signed APK…" action in Android Studio
  • You'll need the signing keystore and the passwords for both the store itself and the key
  1. Test the signed APK by running adb install app/build/outputs/apk/app-release.apk
  2. Copy in the prod configuration with cp app/google-services-prod.json app/google-services.json (this change won't be committed)
  3. Upload that APK to (there's an "APK" tab on the left)
  4. Undo the changes that shouldn't be committed with something like git checkout -- app/google-services.json app/src/main/res/values/strings.xml
  5. Commit the version number increase with a message like "Version X.Y"


Maybe you've seen some recent news that says we're facing the largest refugee crisis since World War II. Maybe you've thought that you'd really like to help the victims of this crisis, but you've got no idea where to start.

When it comes to refugees, they're literally showing up on the doorstep of your community, so helping out is as easy as showing some hospitality! This app takes a small step in that direction. We're building something to ease the transition, and hopefully they'll find our home a bit better as a result.

Want to help?


You're still here! Have some legalese:

The original authors work for Google, so the code is all © Google Inc., but this is not an official Google project.


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