Stepping motor driver with I2C I/F for Arduino
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Stepping motor driver with I2C Slave I/F for Arduino

This software runs arudino as an i2c slave device.
It works by sending commands from i2c host device connected to arduino

  • Supposed to use with "EasyDriver" or some other DIR/CLK type driver module/chip.
    e.g. sparkfun : EasyDriver
  • Single axis stepping motor driver.
  • Trapezoidal acceleration / deceleration are available.
  • Default I2C address is 0x12.
  • Pulse speed up to about 7000 pulses / sec.
  • Arduino to DriverChip connection :
    • D 8 => CLK (microstep clock)
    • D 9 => DIR (motor direction)
    • D10 => RST (enable stepper LOW:disable HIGH:enable)

I2C commands

all i2c write commands have 2 bytes parameter (little endian)


commands param1 param2 description
0x00 ParamInit dummy dummy Set motor profile to default value
0x01 Forward steps(L) steps(H) Move forward a specified number of steps
if number is 0xffff move forward infinity steps
0x02 Reverse steps(L) steps(H) Move backward a specified number of steps
if number is 0xffff move backward infinity steps
0x03 Abort dummy dummy Cancel the currently running move
0x04 SetSpeed speed(L) speed(H) Set motor speed (micro steps per sec) default is 3200
0x05 SetMinSpeed speed(L) speed(H) Set min speed (micro steps per sec) default is 800
0x06 SetAccelRate rate(L) rate(H) Accel/DeAccel rate. msec / kHz. if 0, accel/deaccel is disabled. default is 20
0x07 Enable 0/1 dummy enable / disable stepper


Any read access return 1 byte motor status 0x00:stopped 0x01:moving

Motor Speed Graph

Test with I2CTools

i2cset -y 1 0x12 0x01 1600 w

Demo Movie

Demo Movie


This software is based on a project of Kazutaka Nakamura's stepping motor driver.

Released under the MIT license