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atom-keyboard-macros package

Keyboard macro extension for Atom.

With a workaround for Japanese localized keyboard on Windows.
NOTE : this can work normal only for Japanese keyboard.

New Features

In version 0.6.0 or later, it also records the operation of the search & replace view.


ctrl-x ctrl-a start recording (modified from original)

ctrl-x ctrl-z stop recording (modified from original)

ctrl-x ctrl-x execute macro (modified from original)

ctrl-x ctrl-e execute macro N times

ctrl-x b execute macro to the end of file

ctrl-x ctrl-b execute macro from the beginning to the end of file

Other Methods

  • atom-keyboard-macros:name_last_kbd_macro Give a command name to the most recently defined keyboard macro. You can execute it, in command palette, use 'atom-keyboard-macros:{a-command-name}'.

  • atom-keyboard-macros:execute_named_macro Execute a named keyboard macro(see atom-keyboard-macros:name_last_kbd_macro).

  • atom-keyboard-macros:save Save all named macros

  • atom-keyboard-macros:quick_save Quick save all named macros

  • atom-keyboard-macros:load Load saved macros

  • atom-keyboard-macros:quick_load Load quick_saved macros