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Strober, the programmable LED flasher hardware design
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Strober, the programmable LED flasher hardware design

Strober is a hardware design for LED flasher.


  • OUT1 - 4 is output signals that can drive LED lights (+12V) (up to about 20W / output, depends on power source and sequence pattern).
  • 4 input ,Eurorack synth Gate signals or line level audio (for IN1 audio input).
  • Require +12V Power supply and 12V LED lights
  • Programmable flashing control
  • Controlled with Arduino Nano

Software Overview

Strober has 3 modes.

Pat mode

In this mode, the LEDs flash according to the programmed flash sequence. The sequence is performed by the built-in mic or line signal input. Or it is triggered periodically by the setting of AutoTrig.

IN1 is audio signal input.
IN2 is external clock input.

Menu Description
Pattern 1-8, programmable sequence pattern select.
Enter edit mode of each sequence pattern by long press
Clock Int / Ext. the clock source. If Ext, the clock source sould be input to IN2.
ClkBPM 30-300, Internal Clock Source BPM
ReTrig On/Off, retrigger mode. If 'On', the trigger signal resets the flash sequence currently in progress and restarts from the beginning
AutoTrig 0-100, The sequence is automatically triggered. 0: not trigger, 1-100: periodically trigger after 1-100 clicks.
AudioIn Mic / Line, input signal select built-in mic or line audio in signal, that will generate trigger.
Save Save current settings to EEPROM.
InitAll Initialize all data to Factory default.

Pattern Edit

Menu Description
Each grid of pattern by click, cycle off / short / medium / long. For 'long', the length specified by duty, half for 'middle' and 1/4 for 'short'.
Step 1-16 , sequence length
Duty 1-100, 'On' duty of each grid. If 100 and the grid is 'long', it will light continuously for the length of the grid.
The actual length depends on the “short, medium and long” of each grid.

Dir mode

This is a Direct drive mode. The input GATE signal (IN1 - IN4) will drive directly eath output signal.

Menu Description
Assign 4:4 , IN1-4 => OUT1-4
2:4 , IN1 => OUT1-2, IN2=> OUT3-4
1:4 , IN1 => OUT1-4
Save Same as Pat mode
InitAll Same as Pat mode

Lev mode

In this mode, OUT1 to OUT4 are lighted sequentially depending on the signal level like a VU meter. The audio signal should be select built-in mic or audio line level signal of IN1.

Menu Description
AudioIn Mic / Line , Audio source select

Arduino Nano Port mapping

Function Pin
IN1 D6
IN2 D8
IN3 D7
IN4 D9
OUT1 D13
OUT2 D12
OUT3 D11
OUT4 D10
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