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This jack is responsible for loading pallets from Maven Central. Please note that while Java must be installed, this jack will also install maven for itself if it is not already runnable from the command line.


When running a maven pallet, the optional arguments will be appended to a command line similar to the following:


Please note that if you are using windows and cygwin, any paths you specify to Java programs should likely be windows paths. You may need to use cygpath -w to translate such arguments from cygwin to windows format.


In order to allow pallets from maven to install scripts, and cleanup after themselves this jack will automatically run the following scripts, when they are found in the .forklift directory inside the jar. If you're using maven, you can add scripts by putting them in src/main/resources/.forklift.

  • post-import will be run, after the import is complete
  • pre-delete will be run, before deleting the pallet

Please see the scripts documentation for more about the environment variables available to scripts.

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