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* IO.read_line - documentation - say explicitly what happens on last line of file that has no final \n
* using Ropes we are forced to use character-indexes: a leaf is seemingly always traversed on [get] and [sub]; should be able to do byte-indexing (with enough privacy this can be done safely). Personally, I think that in real applications byte-indexing provides enough functionality and is faster. I mean: indexes are usually used as if were private, always come from some form of parsing or traversal.
* [open Batteries include Backwards_compatibility]
* import pa-do (
* import Camlp4
* import Camomile
* import OCamlNet
* Shell gets merged into Sys or Unix
* producer <- channel_out
* consumer <- channel_in
* Netshm gets into Data.Containers.Mutable.Shared.Memory
* Netshm_data gets into Data.Containers.Mutable.Shared.Data
* Netshm_hashtbl gets into Data.Containers.Mutable.Shared.Hashtbl
* Netshm_array gets into Data.Containers.Mutable.Shared.Array
* Equeue gets into Control.Concurrency.Queues
* Unixqueue gets into System.
* import OCaml-Fileutils
* import Godi-cryptokits
* import Cairo
* import OUnit
* import Calendar
* import PCRE?
* evaluate/import OcNAE
* import Core? Not right now.
* Core.Squeue goes into Concurrency.Threads
* Core.Thread_safe_queue goes into Concurrency.Threads
* Core.Bag goes into Containers
* Core.Bigbuffer goes into Containers
* Core.Dequeue goes into Containers
* Core.Fasthtbl goes into Containers
* Core.Force_once goes into Containers
* Core.Fqueue goes into Containers
* Core.Hashqueue goes into Containers
* Core.Hash_set goes into Containers ?
* Core.Heap goes into Containers
* Core.PSet goes into Containers
* Core.Ref goes into Containers
* Core.Tuple goes into Containers
* Core.Bigstring goes into Text
* Core.Char goes into Text
* Core.Bool goes into Math
* Core.Float goes into Math
* Core.Floatable goes into Math
* Core.Int goes into Math
* Core.Int_intf goes into Math as ?
* Core.Interval goes into Math
* Core.Interval_set goes into Math
* Core.Piecewise_linear goes into Math
* Core.Time goes into Math.Time
* Core.Month goes into Math.Time
* Core.Exn goes into Meta
* Core.Caml goes into Meta as Legacy
* Core.Memo goes into Meta
* Core.Monad goes into Meta?
* Core.Size goes into Meta
* Core.Unique_id goes into Meta
* Core.Word_size goes into Meta
* Core.Linux_ext goes into System as Linux
* Core.Timer goes into System
* Core.Crc goes into Util
* Core.Common split between
* Standard -- [result], [%], [/%], [forever], [ascending],
[descending], [failwithf], [invalidargf]
* Threads.Mutex -- [critical_section]
* Filename -- [^/]
* Core.Unix_ext merged with System.Unix
* Core.Option merged with Containers.Option
* Core.Core_* merged
* Core.Equatable goes into Meta? into Data?
* Core.Hashable goes into Meta? into Data?
* Core.Doubly_linked?
* Core.In_channel gets vampirized into System.IO
* Core.Out_channelgets vampirized into System.IO
* Core.Linebuf gets vampirized into System.IO
* Core.OUnit_utils gets vampirized into Meta.Toolchain.OUnit when
* Core.Sexpable gets vampirized into Meta.Sexplib
* Core.Stringable gets vampirized into Meta.Sexplib
* substitute [protectx] with [Standard.finally]