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These are the userspace tools required for bcache.
Bcache is a patch for the Linux kernel to use SSDs to cache other block
devices. For more information, see
Documentation for the run time interface is included in the kernel tree, in
Included tools:
Formats a block device for use with bcache. A device can be formatted for use
as a cache or as a backing device (requires yet to be implemented kernel
support). The most important option is for specifying the bucket size.
Allocation is done in terms of buckets, and cache hits are counted per bucket;
thus a smaller bucket size will give better cache utilization, but poorer write
performance. The bucket size is intended to be equal to the size of your SSD's
erase blocks, which seems to be 128k-512k for most SSDs; feel free to
Only necessary until support for the bcache superblock is included
in blkid; in the meantime, provides just enough functionality for a udev script
to create the /dev/disk/by-uuid symlink. The arguments it does support are the
same as for blkid.
Prints the bcache superblock of a cache device or a backing device.
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