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Prelude-Manager is brought to you by PreludeIDS Technologies (,

Prelude-Manager Overview

Prelude-Manager server is the Prelude events collector.

Prelude-Manager is a high availability server that accepts secured connections from 
distributed sensors or other managers and saves received events to a media specified 
by the user (database, logfile, mail, etc).

The server is a high availability server capable of handling large number of connections, 
and processing large amounts of events. It uses a per client scheduling queues in order to 
process events by severity fairly accross clients. 


You need to install libprelude on your system before compiling Prelude-Manager.


If there's something you just can't find out elsewhere, you want to
give feedback directly to the authors or you're just bored, visit
#prelude on

Get Support

Prelude-user mailing list archives can be accessed at:

Commercial Support is available through the PreludeIDS Technologies company:,

Help development


The Prelude source is constantly changing. If you want to submit a patch,
please do so from the most recent CVS source tree, subscribe to the
prelude-devel mailing list by sending a mail to:

and post your patch with a description of functionality.
You can also attach patches to bugs on


If you find any bugs, please report them to:

Please make sure that what you're reporting is actually a BUG and not
a problem on your side.


Subscribe to prelude-devel and give us your suggestions.
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