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<title>Registering a Public XMPP Service</title>
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<h2>Registering a Public XMPP Service</h2>
<p>Thank you for running a public XMPP service! In order to add your service to the <a href='/services/'>list</a>, please do the following:</p>
<ol start='1'>
<li><p>Subscribe to the email list by visiting &lt;<a href=''></a>&gt; or emailing &lt;<a href=''></a>&gt;. You <strong>must subscribe to the list</strong> in order to post, but don't worry: this is a low-volume list and a good place to share experience with other operators of public XMPP services.</li>
<p>Send an email message to the list with a subject of "public XMPP service: [yourdomain.tld]". Please provide the following information:</p>
<li>The <strong>domain name</strong> of the XMPP service.</li>
<li>The <strong>website</strong> where users can find more information.</li>
<li>The <strong>year</strong> when the service was launched.</li>
<li>The <strong>country</strong> of the physical machine that hosts the service.</li>
<li>The approximate <strong>latitude</strong> and <strong>longitude</strong> of the physical machine that hosts the service.</li>
<li>The <strong>CA</strong> that issued the security certificate you use for encryption.</li>
<li>The <strong>server software</strong> used to run the service.</li>
<li>The <strong>name</strong> and <strong>JabberID</strong> of the primary admin.</li>
<li>A brief <strong>description</strong> of the service.</li>
<p>To make your life easier, a template for your message is provided below, using the information from the service (replace data as necessary!).</p>
<blockquote class='box'>
<p>Please add my public XMPP service to the list at &lt;;. The service information is as follows:</p>
<li><strong>domain</strong>: []</li>
<li><strong>website</strong>: []</li>
<li><strong>year launched</strong>: [1999]</li>
<li><strong>country</strong>: [USA]</li>
<li><strong>latitude</strong>: [42.2]</li>
<li><strong>longitude</strong>: [-91.2]</li>
<li><strong>CA</strong>: [XMPP ICA]</li>
<li><strong>server software</strong>: [ejabberd]</li>
<li><strong>admin name</strong>: [Peter Saint-Andre]</li>
<li><strong>admin JID</strong>: []</li>
<li><strong>description</strong>: [the original Jabber service]</li>
<p>After you contact us, we will work to <a href='verify.shtml'>verify</a> your request, so expect further communication from us!</p>
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