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<title>XMPP Registrar</title>
<!--#include virtual="/includes/head.txt" -->
<h2>XMPP Registrar</h2>
-<p style='font-style: italic'>Last Updated: 2009-06-17</p>
+<p style='font-style: italic'>Last Updated: 2009-06-25</p>
<p>As authorized by <a href='/extensions/xep-0053.html'>XEP-0053</a>, the XMPP Registrar maintains registries of protocol namespaces and of various parameters that are used by the IETF's <a href='/'>Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol</a> (XMPP) as well as by <a href='/extensions/'>XMPP extensions</a> published by the <a href='/xsf/'>XMPP Standards Foundation</a>. The following registries are available:</p>
<table border='1' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='0'>
<tr class='tablebody'>
@@ -9,6 +9,12 @@
<title>Jabber/XMPP Protocol Namespaces</title>
<overview>This is the official registry of Jabber/XMPP protocol namespaces as maintained by the &REGISTRAR;. This registry contains only namespaces that are defined in the <link url='/specs/'>XMPP RFCs</link> (published by the <link url=''>IETF</link>) or in <link url='/extensions/'>XMPP Extension Protocols</link> that have advanced to a status of Active, Draft, or Final within the standards process of the <link url='/xsf/'>XMPP Standards Foundation</link>. Other namespaces may be in use within the Jabber/XMPP community, but are not added to this page until the relevant document meets the above criteria.</overview>
+ <revision>
+ <version>0.37</version>
+ <date>2009-06-25</date>
+ <initials>psa</initials>
+ <remark>Added jabber:x:conference from XEP-0249.</remark>
+ </revision>
@@ -442,6 +448,10 @@
+ <ns>
+ <name>jabber:x:conference</name>
+ <doc>&xep0249;</doc>
+ </ns>
@@ -80,6 +80,7 @@
<!ENTITY xep0221 "<link url=''>XEP-0221: Data Forms Media Element</link>" >
<!ENTITY xep0231 "<link url=''>XEP-0231: Bits of Binary</link>" >
<!ENTITY xep0224 "<link url=''>XEP-0224: Attention</link>" >
+<!ENTITY xep0249 "<link url=''>XEP-0249: Direct MUC Invitations</link>" >
<!-- Active (Informational) XEPs -->

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