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A Google inspired mobile interface for TT-RSS
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A Google inspired mobile interface for TT-RSS.

What is it?

This mobile-oriented webapp is a client for Tiny Tiny RSS(TT-RSS). The webapp uses TT-RSS's JSON API.

I was a big user of Google Reader's mobile webapp and when Google announced the end of Reader, I switched to TT-RSS. I was not satisfied with any of the other mobile interfaces out there for TT-RSS and decided I build my own based on the CSS styles from Google.

g2ttrss-mobile use:

How to use it?

You should install the files in a directory on the same host as your TT-RSS install. As the webapp uses AJAX calls to access the API, it should be hosted on the same domain name. G2TTRSS assumes that your TT-RSS install is located at <your-domain>/tt-rss, if this is not the case edit js/g2tt-config.js and change global_ttrssUrl (line 2) to point to the correct location. If the webapp is installed in a subdirectory of TT-RSS, it could be wiped on an update to TT-RSS so after each update of TT-RSS, you may need to reinstall G2TTRSS.

Use of this webapp requires TT-RSS's external APIs. They are enabled through TT-RSS's preferences:

  • in Tiny Tiny RSS go into Actions -> Preferences
  • Configuration -> Enable external API

Current features

  • mark all displayed as read
  • categories and subcategories
  • display all/new/starred/published
  • view oldest/newest first
  • display just a single feed
  • link to the original article
  • unread count display in category view
  • special feeds
  • star/unstar article support
  • mark as read/unread article
  • iPhone webapp support (startup image & icon)
  • login/logout support
  • load more articles (15 at a time)
  • search for keywords in feeds
  • Google Reader style hotkeys (j, k, n, p, o, m)

Future features are tracked as issues.


  • j - Jump and expand next item.
  • k - Jump and expand previous item.
  • n - Jump to next item.
  • p - Jump to previous item.
  • o - Expand/collapse current item.
  • m - Mark current item as read/unread.

Configuration Options

Configuration options can be found in the js/g2tt-config.js file. These are options to change your personal preference for how the interface works.


  • global_ttrssUrl (Default: ("/tt-rss/"))

    The path to your TT-RSS installation relative to your domain.

  • pref_Feed (String, default: ('-4'), all items)

    The default feed to display. Available values:

    • 0 - A specific feed

    • 0 - Uncategorized
    • -1 - Special (e.g. Starred, Published, Archived, etc.)
    • -2 - Labels
    • -3 - All feeds, excluding virtual feeds (e.g. Labels and such)
    • -4 - All feeds, including virtual feeds
  • pref_ViewMode (Default: ('unread'), unread articles only)

    Show unread or all articles? Available values:

    • unread - show unread articles only
    • all - show all articles
  • pref_OrderBy (Default: ('date_reverse'), oldest first)

    Sort order of the articles/items. Available values:

    • date_reverse - oldest first
    • feed_dates - newest first, goes by feed date
    • (nothing) - TT-RSS's default (whatever that is)
  • pref_FeedSort (Default: ('0'), do not sort feeds)

    Sort the feeds (categories) in alphabetical order or not. Availables values:

    • 0 - do not sort feeds, display in the order TT-RSS returns them
    • 1 - sort the feeds in alphabetical order (A-Z)
  • pref_StartInCat (Default: ('0'), start showing articles)

    Start showing the feeds (categories) or articles (items)

    • 0 - start showing articles
    • 1 - start showing feeds
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