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AMD AtomBIOS video bios releases for G505S Integrated HD-8650G and discrete HD-8570M / R5-M230 GPUs


coreboot wiki describes 5 different ways of extracting the VGABIOS ROMs:
And all these ways have been tried and found unsuitable for Lenovo G505S:
This message above - also describes a new method which really works!

Sadly this new method is Windows-only, but we believe it is a fine approach,
because: two ROMs for integrated GPU, while got at these very different OS,
are exactly the same - and most likely it is the same situation for discrete ROM
Aside from purely ethical concerns, in practice it should not matter if you are
using closed-source Windows instead of open-source Linux to extract the ROMs

But, to ensure that Windows could not receive the instructions from evil server
to stealthily modify the extracted ROMs, these conditions should be fulfilled:

1) OS: clean install of Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 x64 without any spying updates
(WiFi card removed before installation and OS never connected to the Internet)
on a hard drive that has been securely formatted or never used by Windows before
^ same requirement for a media which you are using to bring the drivers/software

2) Proprietary UEFI/BIOS and KB9012 firmware: clean binaries flashed,
(part of g505s-proprietary repository) without any IDs or serial numbers

3) After the extraction, the ROMs should be directly brought to Linux OS

All these conditions, as well as some others, have been fulfilled by us
before the extraction of these ROMs. Please use Linux OS to download and
make sure that their SHA-256 checksums are correct before using them

ROMs table with download links

G505S version \ GPU model Integrated HD-8650G Discrete (HD-8570M / R5-M230)
G505S without discrete pci1002,990b.rom (R5's) N/A
G505S with discrete HD-8570M pci1002,990b.rom (HD's) pci1002,6663.rom
G505S with discrete R5-M230 pci1002,990b.rom (R5's) pci1002,6665.rom

ROMs table notes

1) Versions of G505S with discrete HD-8570M and R5-M230
have the different ROMs for Integrated HD-8650G

2) Most likely, both R5's and HD's Integrated ROMs could be used
for G505S without discrete. I put R5's version of this ROM to
"G505S without discrete" row, but could have put HD's version

3) Turning ON/OFF the Dual Graphics before the extraction -
does not affect any of these ROMs

ROMs SHA-256 checksums

Filename SHA-256 checksum
pci1002,990b.rom (HD's) a928af5b129fe13c5a0032a28e387edf238198b8ce56fc076c580427cbf8835c
pci1002,6663.rom 6052b5def3fda2a93f6c4d55ec91b819429e212e26cdb8e0fcca54599c9c92ed
pci1002,990b.rom (R5's) 6104e6989ea3f494d7bfa30573bf38e830f1068bab9980caec5e890e0ccbfced
pci1002,6665.rom 15d74515332bc512de66e0dc910d8600aeb134bf715bbc34a4faac0257f4a0dc

coreboot.rom operations

Run ./ script to download and build cbfstool,
Then use one of these commands:

1) Adding VGABIOS to coreboot.rom

./util/cbfstool/cbfstool $COREBOOT_ROM_PATH add -f $VGABIOS_PATH -n pci****,****.rom -t optionrom

2) Removing VGABIOS from coreboot.rom

./util/cbfstool/cbfstool $COREBOOT_ROM_PATH remove -n pci****,****.rom

3) Printing coreboot.rom memory map

./util/cbfstool/cbfstool $COREBOOT_ROM_PATH print


AMD AtomBIOS video bios releases for G505S Integrated HD-8650G and discrete HD-8570M / R5-M230 GPUs



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