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PHP web script for live stock ticker
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PHP Stock Ticker v.01

This is a PHP web script for a live stock ticker which is based off Mukesh Chapagain's work. To see a see my edited script running live please click here


  1. Download the zip file
  2. Extract the zip
  3. Make edits to the script, please read Mukesh Chapagain's website for more information
  4. Upload to your webhosting provider, or run local using LAMP on Linux, WinLAMP for Windows, or LAMP for OSX.

Changes & Documentation

This section will be a break down of changes I made to Mukesh Chapagain's work along with edits you can make to the sctipt to meet your personal needs.

  1. The first changes I made was integrating Data Tables into the script. This allows for the following
  • very clean formating, I cleaned up their CSS based on my prefferences for font and link colors
  • searching through the list of stocks with a search box
  • expanding the list to hold upto 100 entries per page
  • sorting movers very easily based on Last Trade, Bid, Ask, Change, % Change and Volume of the shares
  1. Besides the major formating with Data Tables I also cleaned up the class.yahoostock.php file so any stock name with the words , Inc is being removed from the look up. I did this as it was creating a new column in the csv formating due to the ,. While this is a dirty fix, it works for the needs of this script.

  2. In the pennystockticker.php file I added the symbol up to be a URL linking to a 5day chart using the following code. You can make changes to the range= section of the code to change the age of the chart based on your personal preference.

  • 1 day range=1d
  • 5 day range=5d
  • 1 month range=1m
  • 3 month range=3m
  • 1 year range=1y
  • 2 year range=2y
  • 5 year range=5y
  • max range=my
  1. The final change I made to the code was removing any " in the dumped data from the csv. This allowed for the URL link above to work properly as it was adding %22 to the URL link causing issues to the chart.

If you have any questions regaurding this script feel free to contact me off my github email and I will assist where I can. As always, please enjoy!

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