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go-sfdc is a library used to interface to Salesforce APIs using golang
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This is a golang library for interfacing with Salesforce APIs.

Getting Started


To start using GO-SFDC, install GO and run go get

go get -u

This will retrieve the library.


To use this library, the following will need to be done.


The configuration defines several parameters that can be used by the library. The configuration is used per session.

  • Credentials - this is an implementation of the credentials.Provider interface
  • Client - the HTTP client used by the APIs
  • Version - is the Salesforce version. Please refer to Salesforce documentation to make sure that APIs are supported in the version that is specified.


config := sfdc.Configuration{
	Credentials: credentials.NewPasswordCredentials(creds),
	Client:      salesforceHTTPClient,
	Version:     44,


GO-SFDC source code is available under the MIT License

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