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EuSDL2 - Wrapper of SDL2 for Euphoria Programming Language

  1. Written by: Andy P.
  2. SDL2 Version Wrapped: 2.0.16
  3. Euphoria Version: 4.1.0 Beta 2
  4. Date Started: 1/2/16
  5. Date Finished: 1/12/16

(c) EusDL2 2021

Contact/Paypal: g_andy at


This is a wrapper of the SDL2 multimedia library for the Euphoria programming language. All major and minor functions have been wrapped. You'll need a good understanding of the Euphoria programming lang- uage in order to fully use this wrapper. Demos have been provided to serve as examples. This wrap- per uses the 32 bit version of SDL2 as to provide for more compatibility between systems. Also, the 32-bit version of Euphoria 4.0.5 was used to also provide better compatbility between systems.

NOTE: The Beta of Euphoria 4.1.0 Beta 2 is being used as of now. 7/25/19


This wrapper has been updated for SDL 2.0.14 and has included new functions.

  1. 9/27/17 - Fixed a couple of functions, all demos now working.
  2. 10/24/17 - Added new functions for 2.0.7
  3. 3-1-18 - Added new functions for 2.0.8
  4. 11-1-18 - Added new functions for 2.0.9
  5. 7-25-19 - Added new functions for 2.0.10
  6. 3-11-20 - Added new functions for 2.0.12
  7. 12-21-20 - Added new functions for 2.0.14
  8. 8-14-21 - Added new functions for 2.0.16

8-2-19 - Added EuSDL2 for TrueType Fonts. 4-19-20 - Added EuSDLGPU for Extra fraphics functions.

NOTE: All demos written by author of EuSDL2 unless otherwise noted.

Donations are kindly accepted if you find this software useful or would like to support the developer.


This software is provided as-is. There is no warranty for this software. You may not blame the author or Euphoria community for any wrong-doing using this software. You use this software at your own risk. You may use this software to write Euphoria programs using the SDL2 wrapper. You may distribute the software you make using this wrapper as you please, whether gratis or for a fee. You may not claim you wrote the original EuSDL2 wrapper. While not required an aknowledgement of the original author would be nice.

Thank you for using EuSDL2!

Special thanks to openEuphoria community!






SDL2 Wrapper for Euphoria



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