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Euphoria Wrapper for Raylib
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Written by Andy P. (Icy_Viking)
Raylib version: 2.5
Euphoria Version: 4.1.0 beta 2

(c) Euraylib 2019

Contact/Paypal: g_andy <at>


This is wrapper of Raylib for the Euphoria programming language. Raylib is a multimedia library that
takes big inspriation from Microsoft's XNA Framework. It is focused on game development or other
similar multimedia projects. You'll need a decent understanding of the Euphoria language in order to
use this library. This library was wrapped with the 32-bit version of the DLL for compatbility 
reasons. Some examples are provided to show how the wrapper is used.

Ex1 - Basic window
Ex2 - Text and Color
Ex3 - Input example
Ex4 - Input and movement of graphics
Ex5 - bouncing ball example

If you like this software, please consider donating. 


This software is provided as-is. There is no warranty for this software. You may not blame the author
or the Euphoria community for any wrong-doing using this software. You use this software at your own
risk. You may use this software to write Euphoria programs using the Euraylib wrapper. You may dis-
tribute software you make using this software as you please, whether gratis or for a fee. 

Thanks for using Euraylib!

Special thanks to the Euphoria community!
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