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Coil Design

The repository contains many Matlab script used to design coils. The available techniques are:


To work, this script required 3 externals scripts:

To start, you have to adapt streamBEM/makeCoil6.m to your installation, and then run it. The definition of the wanted coils is done in a separate files. One files per coil.

Implemented design techniques


The easiest approach to approximate coil centroids: simply defining loops of current at given positions, to make solenoids or gradient coils for example.

BEM stream function technique

stream function & wire Protype

Here, BEM formulation is used along with stream function to formulate the coil design as an optimization. 3 Basic examples are presented to make coils for Magnetic Particle Imaging scanner according to this publication. The examples are:

  • A circular quadrupole,
  • A circular drive coil,
  • A planar drive coil,
  • A y-gradient coil for MRI,
  • A drive coil using a low-density mesh.

This has been extended to evaluate the effect of induced current in surfaces close to the coil on the coil efficiency and field topology. An example for a

  • shielded y-drive coil for a MPI scanner

is provided.

Please refer yourself to this publication and my thesis for more details.

Iron core shaping

Using a multipole expansion techniques, the shape of iron core magnet can be designed. This has been used in this conference contribution to design a human sized MPI FFL scanner. Please refer yourself to my thesis for more details.


You are welcome to contribute to this repository. Please read the associated license. To thank you for your (coming) help, please have this pig coil:

Alt text Alt text