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Authentication in Ember

This training will involve a lot of following code and and exploring the Chrome Inspector and utilizing Ember Inspector. It is recommended that you comment code or take notes.



By the end of this, developers should be able to:

  • Implement token authentication in an Ember application.
  • Enforce authentication in protected routes.


  1. Fork and clone this repository.
  2. Install dependencies with npm install and bower install.
  3. Start any API based on a recent version of the Rails API Template or the Express API Template.
  4. Start the front-end server with ember server.

From end to end

Watch as I sign up for a new account on our demo app.

Other than the flash messages on the page, did anything change? What about in the Chrome Developer Tools?

Take some time and sign in on your own, and check to see if anything in the Chrome Dev Tools has changed.

Now that we have added a key tool to our personal developer toolkit lets look at how it's implemented.

Follow Along

Let's walk through file by file to see what's happening. I will ask developers to guide me through the files while correcting any misunderstandings.

First let's start down the template and component trail, then we'll work our way up with actions.

Remember: Data down, actions up.

While going up the Ember hierarchy we may need to stop a some point to discuss services.

Additional Resources


  1. All content is licensed under a CC­BY­NC­SA 4.0 license.
  2. All software code is licensed under GNU GPLv3. For commercial use or alternative licensing, please contact


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