@juhtornr juhtornr released this Jan 24, 2018 · 126 commits to develop since this release

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Changes to Beacon API

In this release support for Avro and Protobuffer schema definitions were deprecated. Beacon API is now defined in OpenAPI format and up-to-date definition is found from:


Also following changes to Beacon API was implemented:

  • Add an “apiVersion” field to BeaconAlleleResponse (#12)
  • Add support to ask for more types of variants (more complex InDels and duplications) (#20)
  • Add data use condition support (#22)
  • Move version field from ConsentCodeDataUse to BeaconDataset (#46)
  • Centralized BeaconError codes and messages (#54)
  • Community level Beacon identifier's assignment (#55)

Changes to development environment

Please also note that some issues were dropped from this release because they were found not useful (#103), already implemented (#52) or implementation was postponed.