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Matchmaker Exchange API


The Matchmaker Exchange (MME) API provides a shared language that databases can use to query each other to find similar patients. The API is build around a standardized patient profile that includes both phenotype and genotype information. Implementing the API involves parsing a query profile, identifying cases in your database that are similar, and returning a list of profiles for those cases.

Implementing the MME API

Version 1.1 (latest release):

Have a question? Send us an email at or create a GitHub issue.

How to connect to another endpoint

  • To query most MME services, you need to request an authentication token from that service. You can find a more detailed description here:
  • To help securely share authentication tokens, the KEYS file contains GPG keys for at least one member of each MME team.


The wiki contains an up-to-date list of active endpoints:

Open-source API implementations

The wiki contains a list of open-source implementations of the MME API:

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