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Name Affiliation
Reece Hart ClinGen, GKS VR co-chair
Alex H. Wagner Washington University, VICC, GKS VR co-chair
Larry Babb Broad Institute, ClinGen, GKS VR co-chair
Andy Yates EMBL-EBI, GKS work stream lead
Robert Freimuth Mayo Clinic, ClinGen, GKS work stream lead
Matt Brush OHSU, Monarch Initiative
Javier Lopez Genomics England
Melissa Konopko GA4GH
Ronak Y. Patel Baylor College Of Medicine, ClinGen
Cristina Yenyxe González EMBL-EBI, EGA/ENA/EVA
Chris Bizon UNC-CH, ClinGen
Shawn Rynearson UCGD, U of U
Tristan Nelson Geisinger, ClinGen
Melissa Cline UCSC, BRCA Exchange
Brad Holmes NCBI/NLM/NIH
Christa Lese Martin Geisinger, ClinGen
Jennifer Lee NCI

VMC Collaborators

The genesis of the GA4GH VR project was the Variation Modelling Collaboration (VMC), which was formed as a collaboration of members of ClinGen, ClinVar, FHIR, and GA4GH. In 2017, the VMC group was absorbed into the GA4GH and underwent a major membership change. GA4GH's VR-Spec borrowed heavily from the VMC effort. We thank the following VMC Collaborators for their contributions.

  • Reece Hart, Invitae, GA4GH, chair

  • Larry Babb, Sunquest, ClinGen

  • Bob Freimuth, Mayo Clinic, ClinGen, HL7/FHIR

  • David Kreda, Harvard Medical School, FHIR Genomics

  • Gil Alterovitz, Harvard Medical School/Boston Children’s Hospital, FHIR Genomics

  • Jennifer Lee, NCBI, ClinVar

  • Karen Eilbeck, University of Utah

  • Peter Robinson, Jackson Laboratory, HPO

  • Sarah Hunt, Ensembl

  • Shawn Rynearson, University of Utah, UCGD

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