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Data Repository Service

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Data Repository Service (DRS) API

Human Readable Format: Data Repository Service API v1.1.0

The source API is available in the following Repository: Data Repository Service API repo


The Data Repository Service provides a mechanism to read (and in the future, write) data objects across object stores in a cloud-agnostic way.

API Implementations

The following are examples of publicly available source code repositories


The following are examples of deployments. These may be behind access firewalls and are meant to demonstrate usage



This group is lead by David Glazer (Verily) and Brian O Connor (Broad Institute), who are also the leads of the GA4GH Cloud Work Stream.

API Update Procedure

This will be outlined in the Contributing Doc in the repo


The development of this API is usually held in the weekly Cloud Work Stream meeting.

Historical Reference

The following items are included as historical references to the group, in particular when it was referred to as Data Object Service (DOS).

Past Implementations (Based on DOS):