Custom translators for Zotero
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Custom translators for Zotero, developed during my PhD, targeting mainly mailing list archives.

If you don't know anything about Zotero translators, I recommend checking out my blog post (in french or in english) for a very gentle introduction.

How to use / install

You can copy these files into the translators directory in your Zotero folder and start using them.

If you want to keep your own translators outside of the Zotero folder, you can create a symbolic link from the cloned repo to the translators directory :

ln -s path/to/the/repo/translator.js path/to/zotero/translators/translators.js

Warning: if you edit the translators with Scaffold, it might overwrite your symlink with the modified translator directly in Zotero's directory. You'll have to symlink again − or you might create a script to do it for you ;-)