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Minimalistic touch-compatible Drag'n'Resize for jQuery.
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jqDnR-touch - Minimalistic Drag'n'Resize for jQuery

based on jqDnR © 2007 Brice Burgess <>

Licensed under the MIT License.

This version was heavily modified by @gaarf for:

  • jQuery 1.4 support
  • touch events (works on iOS devices)
  • z-index upping
  • legibility


if box is a DOM node that should be draggable:


if box is a DOM node that should be both draggable and resizable:


where moveHandle/resizeHandle are optional DOM elements. if not defined, the whole box will be used as handle.

jQuery synthesized events triggered:

  • jqDnRstart drag/resize operation starts
  • jqDnRend drag/resize operation ends
  • jqDnRtop element brought to top (via click or touch) without drag
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