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@gaasedelen gaasedelen released this 23 Sep 22:11
· 217 commits to master since this release

Release Notes: What's New in Lighthouse v0.8

Additional Downloads

  • - Windows pintool binaries compiled for Pin 3.7 (Kit 97619)
  • - Windows pintool binaries compiled for Pin 3.6 (Kit 97544)

+ Features
|- Experimental Binja support
|- Added quick-settings menu
|- Export basic HTML coverage report
|- Added the ability to clear paint, or disable it entirely
|- Warnings for coverage load failures are now more explicit
|- Added warnings for coverage that appears badly mapped or incorrect
|- ASCII drcov logs are now supported

+ UI
|- Tweaked table font & spacing
|- Cross-platform & cross-disassembler styles are now much more consistent
|- Lighthouse no longer looks like trash macOS
|- Arrow Keys & VIM bindings (h,j,k,l) can now be used to navigate the coverage table
|- Right-click copy operations now work on multiple table entries
|- Table column text alignment can be toggled by right-clicking the column headers
|- Made the composing shell hint less aggressive, as it could often get in the way
|- Tweaked style of shell hint popup
|- Tweaked spacing/style on Coverage Combobox
|- Added hover tooltip to Coverage Combobox that shows coverage filepath (if available)

+ Bugfixes
|- Improved cyclomatic complexity metrics (again)
|- Fixed an issue where Lighthouse would ignore some graph nodes
|- Painting should finally be 100% 'stable' on IDA 6.8 -> 7.0
|- Loading coverage files with the same name from different directories will no longer load over existing coverage
|- Fixed some metadata collection bugs
|- Shorthand symbol order will now reset if all loaded coverage is closed

|- Binary Ninja sometimes deadlocks when loading coverage
|- Renaming a function to an existing symbol (name) does not reset the old function name
|- Rapidly switching between coverage can cause a hard crash of Binary Ninja (BN bug?)
|- Opening more than one Binary/BNDB at a time while using Lighthouse is not supported