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@gaasedelen gaasedelen released this 23 Apr 10:18
· 30 commits to master since this release

Release Notes: What's New in Lighthouse v0.9

Additional Downloads

  • - Windows pintool binaries compiled for Pin 3.13 (Kit 98189)
  • - Windows pintool binaries compiled for Pin 3.11 (Kit 97998)
  • - Windows pintool binaries compiled for Pin 3.10 (Kit 97971)

+ Features
|- Added support for 'module+offset' style coverage files / traces
|- Added a coverage cross-reference dialog, like git-blame for coverage hits
|- Theme subsystem for custom user defined Lighthouse themes and colors
|- Added a fallback 'Module Selector' dialog to pick which 'binary' to load coverage for
|- Complete refactor for native Binary Ninja 2.0 support, multiple databases
|- Updated to fully support IDA 7.0 -> 7.4
|- Python 2/3 compatible for all platforms & disassemblers
|- Faster, more accurate database painting subsystem

+ Minor Changes
|- Extensible coverage parser interface makes it easier to load custom coverage formats
|- Added support for absolute address (bb, or instr.) style coverage files / traces
|- Updated the drcov coverage parser to support newer revisions
|- Batch loading no longer loads all files into memory before aggregating data
|- Decompilation views in IDA will now refresh coverage paint automatically
|- Lighthouse is now 'accessible' through the disassembler console, with lighthouse.get_context(...)
|- Significantly improved the database painter performance and stability in IDA
|- Improved the performance for caching database metadata
|- Support 'interleaved' instruction coverage in capable disassemblers (Binary Ninja)
|- 'Forcefully' clearing database paint will now block with a waitbox while running
|- Double clicking a function in the coverage table will now jump to the 'first' block with coverage
|- Added a simple check against GitHub to notify when a new version of Lighthouse is available
|- Removed the 'range' syntax from the composition grammar -- nobody used it anyway
|- IDA should now close faster than it previously did after using Lighthouse
|- Deprecated support for IDA 6.8 -> 6.95
|- Tons of other minor improvements and code cleanup

+ UI
|- Lighthouse now ships with two default themes, one 'Light' and one 'Dark'
|- Unless the user specifies a theme preference, Lighthouse will pick which one it thinks is best
|- Reduced the font size of Lighthouse on macOS by 1pt, text should look a bit less comical
|- The coverage overview will more consistently snap to the right-side of the disassembler on open
|- Horizontal scrolling in the coverage table is now 'per-pixel' vs 'per-column' (less jumpy...)
|- Changed column sizing for the coverage table, 'Function Name' will also stretch by default now
|- Improved the coverage shell so that text selection (click+drag) actually works
|- Improved overall consistency with opening / closing the coverage combobox
|- Improved the combobox and coverage shell styling to look a bit sharper
|- Lighthouse error messages should be less likely to look bungled on other platforms
|- Continue to improve cross-platform & cross-disassembler UI consistency
|- Added tooltips to the coverage overview table header

+ Bugfixes
|- A partially executed basic block should no longer appear fully painted in graph views
|- Fixed a bug that could prompt the user 'several' times for a coverage name when saving a composition
|- Lighthouse will now attempt to rebase itself should the user 'rebase' their IDB (IDA only)
|- Fixed a bug where the Aggregate set symbol '*' was simply unusable in the coverage shell
|- The drcov parser could fail to extract module filenames when parsing a log collected on a different OS
|- Fixed some edge cases to improve the stability of metadata collection (caching)
|- Fixed a bug where deleted / undefined functions would persist in the coverage table after refresh
|- Using the shell to jump to sub_... function names did not work in Binary Ninja due to case sensitivity
|- Fixed bug that caused 'renamed' functions to lose their navigability (click to jump) in the table

|- Highlighting the newly released Binary Ninja HLIL is not yet supported
|- Lighthouse will not properly spin down its threads and resources after closing a bndb / bv
|- Live rebasing of Lighthouse is *not* supported in Binja -- rebase first, and then open Lighthouse