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Prefix - Function Prefixing for IDA Pro

Prefix Plugin


Prefix is a small function prefixing plugin for IDA Pro. The plugin augments IDA's function renaming capabilities by adding a handful of convenient prefixing actions to relevant right click menus.


  • v1.1 -- Added IDA 7 support.
  • v1.0 -- Initial release


Install Prefix into the IDA plugins folder.

  • Copy the contents of the plugin folder to the IDA plugins folder
    • On Windows, the folder is at C:\Program Files (x86)\IDA 6.8\plugins
    • On MacOS, the folder is at /Applications/IDA\ Pro\ 6.8/
    • On Linux, the folder may be at /opt/IDA/plugins/

The plugin is platform agnostic, but has only been tested on Windows for IDA 6.8 --> 7.0


The Prefix plugin loads automatically when an IDB is opened. The plugin will populate right click menus in the Functions, Disassembly, and HexRays views with additional actions when appropriate.

Recursive Prefix

A common technique to quickly triage and group related functions while reverse engineering is via a recursive prefix.

Recursive Prefix

Right clicking a function in the disassembly view now provides an option to 'Recursively prefix' a function and all of its callee's.

Bulk Prefix

Any number of functions can now be selected in the functions view and assigned a user specified prefix.

Bulk Prefix

Clear Prefix

User prefixes can easily be cleared via the 'Clear prefix' option added to the Functions window right click menu.

Clear Prefix