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  1. This tool assists in the installation of dotfiles as you set up a new computer or simply seek to make your existing system better!
  2. Once you clone it to your computer, preferably to root (~), you just need to run to get started!
  3. This dotfiles tool contains:
  • zsh installation and default setup
  • Bundled installation of brew, node, & ruby
  • A series of optionally installable npm modules
  • A series of optionally installable atom plugins/extensions
  • A series of optionally installable brew & brew cask packages
  • A series of optionally installable ruby gems
  • Simple set of terminal aliases and functions
  • Global gitconfig credentials and handy set of git aliases
  1. Please enjoy and share with those whom you think might benefit!

Licensed with WTFPL ¯\_ (ツ) _/¯

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