A file upload javascript library which uses XMLHttpRequests to facilitate the upload without submitting a full page
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Named after the ferryman for the river Styx in Greek mythology, this will transport files and other data to a server via http/s without submitting the full page.


Set up

Setting up Charon for use is simple. Include the Charon.js script in your web page and then create a new Charon instance, var charon = new Charon()

When creating the instance, you can set the properties required to do what you need:

var charon = new Charon({
    url: '/upload.php', // upload location
    file: document.getElementById('file1'), // file field

The following properties can be set when creating a new charon instance:

  • url - the URL to post the files to e.g. url: 'uplaod.php'
  • file - the field of the file upload input e.g. file: document.getElementById('file1')
  • additionalData - any additional data to post with the file upload e.g additionalData: {fileDescription: 'a description of the file'}
  • outputDebugging - should the debugging be output to the javascript console (defaults to false) outputDebugging: true
  • loadStartCallback - the callback function to use when the loadstart event is triggered e.g. loadStartCallback: myLoadStartFunction
  • progressCallback - the callback function to use when the progress event is triggered e.g. progressCallback: myProgressFunction
  • abortCallback - the callback function to use when the abort event is triggered e.g. abortCallback: myAbortFunction
  • errorCallback - the callback function to use when the error event is triggered e.g. errorCallback: myErrorFunction
  • loadCallback - the callback function to use when the load event is triggered e.g. loadCallback: myLoadFunction
  • timeoutCallback - the callback function to use when the timeout event is triggered e.g. timeoutCallback: myTimeoutFunction
  • loadEndCallback - the callback function to use when the loadend event is triggered e.g. loadEndCallback: myLoadEndFunction
  • readyStateChangeCallback - the callback function to use when the readstatechange event is triggered e.g. readyStateChangeCallback: myReadyStateChangeFunction

Uploading the file

Once Charon has been set up, the upload can be started by calling sendFile() function in Charon. If Charon was created by var charon = new Charon({...}), then the upload can be done with charon.sendFile().