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How do I reselect the most recently selected visual block?
How do I go to column 4 (or any other column) in the current line?
How do I autocomplete the current line (not word)?
C-x-l will autocomplete as much of the current line as possible. Say you have a line
like: "Given I sign up", then you can type "Given", press C-x-l, and it'll
autocomplete to "Given I sign up" (if that's the only Given line), or if
other lines match, they'll show up in a standard autocomplete menu. This is
really helpful in cucumber feature files. (Thanks, Harold)
How do I open a tag (e.g. a method name)?
C-] when the cursor's on the tag (like jumping into a cave)
How do I get back once I've jumped into a tag?
<C-o> (jump Out) or <C-6> (which will jump to the alternate file, which in this case
is the file you were in. Apparently this is because <C-^> is the real mapping, but
<C-S-6> is too many keys.)
How do I open a tag in a split?
<C-w ]>. See `:help window-tag` for more awesomeness.
How do I jump back to a previous cursor position (maintained across files)?
<C-o>. See next question for more detail.
How do I jump forward to a newer cursor position (maintained across files)?
<C-i>. <C-i> is the opposite of <C-o>; think of your cursor positions as a list,
like browser history. <C-o> moves back, <C-i> moves forward.
= cucumber.vim
If you're on a step line (Given/When/Then) in a cucumber feature file (*.feature), pressing C-] will
go to the file where that step is defined. Pressing C-6 will go back to the
feature file. (Thanks, Harold)
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