Command-line tool to find engineers based on similarity to any github project
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This is my response to a coding challenge. Below is the problem definition.


There once was a developer who started a company. As the company grew he had to find more and more like-minded engineers to join his mission to change the world. Being a technologist at heart, he thought the best place to find these types of engineers is where they live and breath - Github. He started by manually mining through profiles and projects to find the best engineers. Being a lazy engineer, he decided to automate this mundane task in a tool he called gitsucker. Here is a description of how he'd like the tool to work:

  1. Type in gitsucker <project_name> (e.g. gitsucker backbone)
  2. Find the git repo and all the Github users who forked the project
  3. Output statistics on each user including:
  • Number of original projects authored
  • Number of forked projects
  • Number of Ruby and JavaScript projects (either authored or forked)
  1. Rank the list of Github members returned based on the statistics (you decide how to weigh the inputs)
  2. Output the information in a format that is easy to read