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Fix trivial grammar error.

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1 parent 6db82a3 commit c666a0fe5c1bde49abe54e504935ac7179e79061 @practicingruby practicingruby committed Jun 21, 2011
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@@ -218,7 +218,7 @@ includes the `lib` directory for us, so end users don't need to worry about
configuring their load paths. However, if we're running our code outside of
RubyGems, we have to configure things ourselves. It's possible to manipulate
the `$LOAD_PATH` from within the code itself, but that's considered an
-anti-pattern in most cases. There's many more anti-patterns (and good patterns!)
+anti-pattern in most cases. There are many more anti-patterns (and good patterns!)
for gems, explained in [this guide](/patterns).
If you've added more files to your gem, make sure to remember to add them to

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