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An RSpec formatter that plays higher notes as tests pass and lower notes as tests fail. A revelatory auditory experience! It's a subclass of the progress formatter, so you still get your pretty dots.


This uses Bloopsaphone, which requires PortAudio:

brew install portaudio

In your Gemfile:

gem 'musical_spec'

Then run your specs like this:

$ rspec --format MusicalSpec::Formatter spec/

To always run your specs with MusicalSpec, add the option to your .rspec file:

--format MusicalSpec::Formatter


Due to Bloopsaphone wackiness, this library has to sleep while the sounds are playing. This will probably slow your test suite down a LOT. Also, sometimes the sounds can't keep up with the test suite and some of the sounds don't play. The dots still show up though.

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