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Siddharth Sh... and others added some commits Feb 12, 2012
Siddharth Sharma Added a whole bunch of functions
i.e. current_repo, parent_repo, parent_repo_branches, remote_branches and pull_to_options

User can now choose where he wants to pull to
Siddharth Sharma added dummy file to test pull request ac6d180
Siddharth Sharma removed file a 21cc46d
Siddharth Sharma Modified README
added some comments in bin/pull.rb
Siddharth Sharma moved bin/pull.rb to bin/pull d519ae8
Siddharth Sharma not gets, its STDIN.gets ae0b93d
Siddharth Sharma Can now pull to anywhere
Parent repo branches and any branch in current repo
Siddharth Sharma fixed a tiny bug
Pull request being sent successfully across repos
Siddharth Sharma Pull requests send the body as well a5dd04d
@svs svs Merge pull request #4 from svs/pull-anywhere
can now create pull request to parent repo and any branch

Hey, I added some functionality to your gem so you can pull to any arbitrary branch, even in the parent repo,

Please merge if you find the functionality useful.



Nice. 👏 As soon as I saw this I had the same ideas.


still sorting out a few niggling bugs....it's really hard to test this functionality without messing with other people's repos ;-) !


Yea, I know what you mean, I will play around with it later today and see if I run into any problems.


I'm learning how to use pull request 8-)

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