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My first try at ryanb's Ruby Warrior

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Level 6

The wall behind you feels a bit further away in this room. And you hear more cries for help.

Tip: You can walk backward by passing ':backward' as an argument to walk!. Same goes for feel, rescue! and attack!.

|C @ S aa|

  > = Stairs
  @ = gabe (20 HP)
  C = Captive (1 HP)
  S = Thick Sludge (24 HP)
  a = Archer (7 HP)

Available Abilities:

    Rescue a captive from his chains (earning 20 points) in given direction (forward by default).
    Returns an integer representing your health.!
    Gain 10% of max health back, but do nothing more.

    Returns a Space for the given direction (forward by default).

    Attack the unit in given direction (forward by default).

    Move in given direction (forward by default).
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