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A collection of the .dotfiles in my dev environment
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This is a collection of all my dotfiles that I use in my development environments. I have included my zshrc, bash_profile (which is just used to execute zsh), vimrc, neovim config, and tmux.conf. I will be uploading more as I clean them up and make them look somewhat presentable.

All configs need to be sym-linked to their respective locations in your home folder. There is an script that does this for you, as well as downloading dependencies. Use at your own risk.


The zsh configuration uses a typical zshrc file, as well as an alias file and "personal" config file. The config also uses antigen to manage plugins. It loads the oh-my-zsh framework, theme, and other plugins. One of the plugins loaded into the config is scm_breeze, which isn't available on antigen, so it must be installed on it's own.

The zsh config tries to source a file called personal.zsh which is a collection of aliases and configs I didn't want to put on git. If you have anything similar, put it there. The installer will create this file for you.


The vim configuration relies on pathogen for runtime configuration and vundle to manage plugins. Everything is loaded from the vimrc file.


The tmux configuration has no dependencies, just the tmux.conf file.


If you want to use fish instead of zsh, copy the fish config files to ~/.config/fish and set your terminal emulator to run fish by default. You need to have fish and fisher installed first.

It's currently setup to use as a prompt, so make sure that's installed too.


To install the dotfiles, follow the steps below:

  1. Ensure the zsh shell is installed on your machine and put it at the top of the list in /etc/shells
  2. Download the repo (I install to ~/dotfiles)
  3. Install antigen by cloning the repo to ~/dotfiles/repos/antigen
  4. Symlink all appropriate config files to ~/. This includes: zshrc, vimrc and the neovim config, and tmux.conf

Automated Installer (Work In Progress)

This repo includes a bash script that will install dependencies, remove old configs, and symlink new ones to their respective locations. It depends on the following:

  • You are running macOS with homebrew installed
  • You cloned this repo into ~/dotfiles
  • You have the git CLI installed
  • You have vim and tmux installed
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