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Eversec CTF

The Eversec CTF is a series of scenario based CTFs about a fictitious company that continually gets hacked and needs some friendly hacker help.

Upcoming Events

Event Date
BSides RDU October 19th 2018

Past Events

Event Top Teams
BSides Asheville 2018 defcon828, skyhawk, RedTeam611
CarolinaCon 14 securisec, Team RED, LeagueOfShad0ws
BSides Charleston 2017 DanglingPointers, Team Red, USCCyber
BSides Raleigh 2017 securisecctf, ch1kpee, navox
BSides Asheville 2017 kn0, Punch0ut, willc
CarolinaCon 13 Team Red, Dangling Pointers, LeagueOfShadows
BSides Raleigh 2017 doylersec, DarkN1ght, mhazinsk
CarolinaCon 12 Dangling Pointers, red-devils, window lickers


About Eversec

The Eversec CTF was created by in 2016 by gabemarshall after being inspired by competing in the DerbyCon CTF. The CTF is now developed by the following individuals:

Special Thanks