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let s:so_save = &so | let s:siso_save = &siso | set so=0 siso=0
setlocal keymap=
setlocal noarabic
setlocal autoindent
setlocal balloonexpr=
setlocal nobinary
setlocal bufhidden=
setlocal buflisted
setlocal buftype=
setlocal nocindent
setlocal cinkeys=0{,0},0),:,0#,!^F,o,O,e
setlocal cinoptions=
setlocal cinwords=if,else,while,do,for,switch
setlocal colorcolumn=
setlocal comments=:#,:;
setlocal commentstring=;\ %s
setlocal complete=.,w,b,u,t,i
setlocal concealcursor=
setlocal conceallevel=0
setlocal completefunc=neocomplcache#manual_complete
setlocal nocopyindent
setlocal cryptmethod=
setlocal nocursorbind
setlocal nocursorcolumn
setlocal nocursorline
setlocal define=
setlocal dictionary=
setlocal nodiff
setlocal equalprg=
setlocal errorformat=
setlocal expandtab
if &filetype != 'gitconfig'
setlocal filetype=gitconfig
setlocal foldcolumn=0
setlocal foldenable
setlocal foldexpr=0
setlocal foldignore=#
setlocal foldlevel=0
setlocal foldmarker={{{,}}}
setlocal foldmethod=manual
setlocal foldminlines=1
setlocal foldnestmax=20
setlocal foldtext=foldtext()
setlocal formatexpr=
setlocal formatoptions=croql
setlocal formatlistpat=^\\s*\\d\\+[\\]:.)}\\t\ ]\\s*
setlocal grepprg=
setlocal iminsert=0
setlocal imsearch=0
setlocal include=
setlocal includeexpr=
setlocal indentexpr=GetGitconfigIndent()
setlocal indentkeys=o,O,*<Return>,0[,],0;,0#,=,!^F
setlocal noinfercase
setlocal iskeyword=@,48-57,192-255,-
setlocal keywordprg=
setlocal linebreak
setlocal nolisp
setlocal nolist
setlocal macmeta
setlocal makeprg=
setlocal matchpairs=(:),{:},[:]
setlocal modeline
setlocal modifiable
setlocal nrformats=octal,hex
setlocal number
setlocal numberwidth=4
setlocal omnifunc=zencoding#CompleteTag
setlocal path=
setlocal nopreserveindent
setlocal nopreviewwindow
setlocal quoteescape=\\
setlocal noreadonly
setlocal norelativenumber
setlocal norightleft
setlocal rightleftcmd=search
setlocal noscrollbind
setlocal shiftwidth=2
setlocal noshortname
setlocal nosmartindent
setlocal softtabstop=2
setlocal nospell
setlocal spellcapcheck=[.?!]\\_[\\])'\"\ \ ]\\+
setlocal spellfile=
setlocal spelllang=en
setlocal statusline=
setlocal suffixesadd=
setlocal swapfile
setlocal synmaxcol=3000
if &syntax != 'gitconfig'
setlocal syntax=gitconfig
setlocal tabstop=2
setlocal tags=
setlocal textwidth=0
setlocal thesaurus=
setlocal undofile
setlocal nowinfixheight
setlocal nowinfixwidth
setlocal nowrap
setlocal wrapmargin=0
silent! normal! zE
let s:l = 1 - ((0 * winheight(0) + 30) / 60)
if s:l < 1 | let s:l = 1 | endif
exe s:l
normal! zt
normal! 0
lcd /apps/blogmon/lib
let &so = s:so_save | let &siso = s:siso_save
doautoall SessionLoadPost
" vim: set ft=vim :
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