Passwords easy for humans, hard for computers
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A lot of people with security in mind will use random characters as passwords like t.J:YuZcTSB=4z*v. We feel it's secure because it's complicated. But the password above is as difficult as abcdefghijkl!123 for a machine to brute force even though it's a lot easier for a user to remember.

This program attempts to create passwords truly difficult for a computer to brute force and easier to remember for a user.

Each password contains:

  • 3 words from the english dictionary
  • 1 random number placed at a random position
  • Random separators between words and numbers

It is very secure because...

  • Since words length differ, the password length is unpredictable
  • The separators change randomly
  • The position of the number change randomly
  • There are 32,000 (words) ^3 (number of words) ^10 (separator) ^10 (separator) ^10 (separator) ^1000 (numbers) different combinations possible


Here are a few passwords that can be generated:


Installation & usage

$> pip3 install passwordgenerator

$> passwordgenerator

Use within another Python script

>>> from passwordgenerator import pwgenerator

>>> pwgenerator.generate()

Advanced options

passwordgenerator [-h] [-n MIN_WORD_LENGTH] [-x MAX_WORD_LENGTH]
                  [-i MAX_INT_VALUE] [-e NUMBER_OF_ELEMENTS] [-s]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -n MIN_WORD_LENGTH, --min_word_length MIN_WORD_LENGTH
                        Minimum length for each word
  -x MAX_WORD_LENGTH, --max_word_length MAX_WORD_LENGTH
                        Maximum length for each word
  -i MAX_INT_VALUE, --max_int_value MAX_INT_VALUE
                        Maximum value for the integer
  -e NUMBER_OF_ELEMENTS, --number_of_elements NUMBER_OF_ELEMENTS
                        Number of elements in the password (ie. 4 = 3 words +
                        1 integer)
  -s, --no_special_characters
                        Do not use special characters