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Automatically dump and archive PostgreSQL backups to Amazon S3

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Automatically dump and archive PostgreSQL backups to Amazon S3.



  • Use aws configure to store your AWS credentials in ~/.aws (read documentation)
  • Edit .conf and set your PostgreSQL's credentials and the list of databases to back up. Optionally, the file can be moved to the home directory in ~/.pg_dump-to-s3.conf.
  • If your PostgreSQL connection uses a password, you will need to store it in ~/.pgpass (read documentation)



#  * Backup in progress.,.
#    -> backing up test...
# upload: ../../../tmp/2023-06-28-at-22-20-08_test.dump to s3://*****/backups/2023-06-28-at-22-20-08_test.dump
#       ...database test has been backed up
#  * Deleting old backups...

# ...done!

Restore a backup

# USAGE: [db target] [s3 object]

./ my_database_1 2023-06-28-at-10-29-44_my_database_1.dump

# download: s3://your_bucket/folder/2023-06-28-at-22-17-15_my_database_1.dump to /tmp/2023-06-28-at-22-17-15_my_database_1.dump
# Database my_database_1 already exists, skipping creation
# 2023-06-28-at-22-17-15_my_database_1.dump restored to database my_database_1