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Google Fonts Webpack Plugin

Download Google fonts to webpack build folder using google-webfonts-helper or use CDN to integrate with html-webpack-plugin.


npm install google-fonts-webpack-plugin



const GoogleFontsPlugin = require("google-fonts-webpack-plugin")

module.exports = {
	"entry": "index.js",
	/* ... */
	plugins: [
		new GoogleFontsPlugin({
			fonts: [
				{ family: "Source Sans Pro" },
				{ family: "Roboto", variants: [ "400", "700italic" ] }
			/* ...options */


new GoogleFontsPlugin(options: Object)
Name Type Default Description
fonts FontObject[] - Configuration generated by
name String "fonts" Module name.
filename String "fonts.css" Css file name.
path String "font/" Relative path to fonts directory. If path is undefined fonts are not downloaded, the css file is generated with Google hosted font files.
local Boolean true Wether to use google-webfonts-helper API or just link to Google Fonts hosted css. If this option is set to false this plugin just adds the css url to html-webpack-plugin (if present).
formats Array [ "eot", "woff", "woff2", "ttf", "svg" ] Font formats to download.
apiUrl String "" google-webfonts-helper API url.


Name Type Default Description
family String - Font family.
variants Array - Font variants according to google-webfonts-helper (e.g.: [ "italic", "500", "700italic" ]).
subsets Array - Font subsets according to google-webfonts-helper (e.g.: [ "latin", "greek" ]).
formats Array - Font formats to download. Defaults to options.formats.