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Hi I'm Gabo Esquivel.
I am software engineer and consultant. I help companies develop software products and make technical decisions.

I work closely with stakeholders and developers in the design and development of software applications, taking ideas from conception to production and successful execution using lightweight agile methodologies and modern web technologies.

I'm a proponent of open source technology stacks, particularly those build on top of JavaScript (Node.js)

Community leader and open source contributor. Organizer of JavaScript and DevOps meetups in Costa Rica ( @costaricajs and @devopscr ) and NodeSchool in San José.

I occasionally blog at gaboesquivel.com and you can find me on twitter as @gaboesquivel

This AMA is a good place to ask me anything!

Anything means anything. Personal questions. Work. Life. Code. Whatever.


  • Ensure your question hasn't already been answered.
  • Use a succinct title and description.
  • Bugs & feature requests should be opened on the relevant issue tracker.
  • Support questions are better asked on Stack Overflow.
  • Be civil and polite.


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