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A JavaScript Code Quality Guide

This document aims to be a comprehensive guide to JavaScript code quality. It encompases principles, concepts, processes, conventions, standards and tooling.

it is a live document. contributions are welcome. this is a first draft

Proper Build Process

( sourcemaps, static asset management, cache busting hashes )

Coding Style Guide ( eslint )

Automated Tests

( Unit, Functional/Non-Regression, E2E, Stress )

Technology ( framework, language ) Conventions

Team/Project Conventions

Code Coverage Reports

Good Documentation

Keep dependencies up to date and secure

( read the modules code )

Lock dependencies

( yarn.lock, npm-shrinkwrap.json )

Peer Code Reviews

Code Clean Principles

( descriptive naming and auto explanatory code, no javadoc )

Code Notes

( TODO, FIXME ) https://github.com/stephenb/node-notes

Remove event listeners on teardown

Avoid Callback Hell

Avoid Anonymous Functions

( arrow functions are ok )

Avoid “too clever” code lines

Prefer Pure Functions

Avoid Blocking Code

( i/o, long computation)

Thoughtful DOM updates

[ requestAnimationFrame, ShadowDOM ]

Avoid Global Scope Abuse

( globals are evil )

Proper Error Handling

( catch, logging strategy, error conventions, user feedback )

Optimistic UI updates

Use object and collection helpers

Eg. Lodash get and has methods


Prevent Cross Site Scripting and don't store sensitive data in the browser data stores

Prevent Code Duplication

jsinspect and pmd

Choose the Right Data Structure

Made with ♥ by Gabo Esquivel and contributors