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Home Assistant Addon: Telegram VOIP calls

This addon allows you to issue and receive Telegram VOIP calls.

Installation and first boot

Before starting, read Telegram's documentation on creating your own Telegram app

After installation, complete the relevant config parts:

  • api_id Your Telegram app API id
  • api_hash Your Telegram app API hash
  • phone The phone number you'll use to make calls (bots can't make calls)
  • database_key Your Telegram app database encryption key
  • data_dir Where the addon will store its data
  • mqtt_server IP of the MQTT server to connect to

Also make sure you select the desired audio devices in the add on config.

After installing and before starting you should monitor MQTT messages, for example by running on your desktop:

mosquitto_sub -h <mqtt_server_ip> -t "telegram/#" -v

When the add on is started, it will try to log in and issue a MQTT publication with the topic "telegram/code/request", this means that the Telegram server sent an authentication code to your phone. The addon will wait for a message with topic "telegram/code" with the code as payload, for example:

mosquitto_pub -h <mqtt_server_ip> -t "telegram/code" -m "12345"

This process is required only on the first time the add on is run, after that it will be able to log in automatically.

Making calls

To make a call, send a MQTT message with topic "telegram/call" and payload of the user id (not the phone number) you want to reach out to:

mosquitto_pub -h <mqtt_server_ip> -t "telegram/call" -m "123456789"

Accepting calls

When an incoming call shows up, the addon will send a MQTT message with topic "telegram/call/incoming" and the user id as payload. To answer:

mosquitto_pub -h <mqtt_server_ip> -t "telegram/call/answer" -m ""

Disconnecting calls

Finally, to finish any call (incoming or outgoing) from your side:

mosquitto_pub -h <mqtt_server_ip> -t "telegram/call/disconnect" -m ""

Just remember to say good bye first :)

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