An easy-to-use JavaScript Assertion Framework, with AJAX reporting.
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[QAssert] A JavaScript Assertion Framework with AJAX reporting.

QAssert is a powerful, easy-to-use, JavaScript assertion suite. It can be used in both in unit, functional and manual tests, and notably also in production code. Its main feature is to report assertion failures via a configurable AJAX call. I.e. failed assertion can be tracked independently from the environment.

QAssert is especially useful for regression testing: You can place assertions for any assumption that is made in the JavaScript logic. While running the code assertion violations will be reported via AJAX and regressions become quickly visible. To give you an example how to safeguard against unexpected DOM changes:

var $panel = $("#menuPanel");



See doc/index.html for details!

If you are interested in helping developing QAssert, you are in the right place. For related discussions, visit the QAssert on GitHub.