Exercises and source code shared by students of Web Development 2st semester - 2017 KEA.
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KEA Webdev 2016 / 2. semester

Exercises and source code shared by students of Web Development 2nd semester - 2016 Fall KEA.

Cloning the repo

If you would like to get in sync with repo, get the updates or contribute, you need the clone the repo.

  1. Download Git Bash.
  2. Open Git Bash, navigate to target folder (wherever you like) with cd FOLDERNAME for going in, cd .. for going out
  3. Clone the repo by git clone https://github.com/gaboratorium/keaproject.git
  4. Get updates every day by git pull

It is recommended that you clone the repository in your xampp/htdocs folder, so you can easily run all the applications in your localhost.


Contributions are welcome. Contact me on Slack or at gaboratorium@gmail.com to ask for contributor access (to be able to push to master). In case of collaboration please:

  • Create a folder with your name, work in your own folder
  • In your folder, structure your content day-by-day with the following date format: yy-mm-dd e.g.: 16-08-23
  • Use understandable commit messages referring to the content inside e.g.: Arrays and for loops.
  • Use comments in your code. This is crucial. As the purpose of this repo is to share knowledge and work with others, please make it as easy-to-read as possible (and actually it is a good practice in general).

KEA WebDev course related links

Semester Docs


Interface Design

Android Development

iOS Development

  • Xcode (MacOS / OS X only)
  • Module document and calendar
  • Ryver channel: WD-2017-S-MOBILE-IOS
  • Send feedback
  • 2 mandatory assignments
  • Exam Project:
    • Both mandatory assignments are required to qualify for the exam
    • Can be an individual and a group project as well
    • Short report (5 pages)
    • Deadline: May 31. 2017

Web Security

Project Management

  • Module Document
  • Class room teaching until April 7. 2017
  • 4 Mandatory assignments
  • Exam Project:
    • Document
    • Starts on April 10. 2017
    • Deadline: May 26. 2017
    • Exam dates: June 6 - June 23
    • Group project (3-5 people)
    • Exam report