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* Observer
* @file RedBean/Observer.php
* @description Part of the observer pattern in RedBean
* @author Gabor de Mooijand the RedBeanPHP community
* @license BSD/GPLv2
* copyright (c) G.J.G.T. (Gabor) de Mooij and the RedBeanPHP Community.
* This source file is subject to the BSD/GPLv2 License that is bundled
* with this source code in the file license.txt.
interface RedBean_Observer {
* Part of the RedBean Observer Infrastructure.
* The on-event method is called by an observable once the
* event the observer has been registered for occurs.
* Once the even occurs, the observable will signal the observer
* using this method, sending the event name and the bean or
* an information array.
* @param string $eventname
* @param RedBean_OODBBean mixed $info
public function onEvent( $eventname, $bean );
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