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* RedBean Dependency Injector
* @file RedBean/DependencyInjector.php
* @description A default dependency injector that can be subclassed to
* suit your needs.
* @author Gabor de Mooij and the RedBeanPHP Community
* @license BSD/GPLv2
* copyright (c) G.J.G.T. (Gabor) de Mooij and the RedBeanPHP Community
* This source file is subject to the BSD/GPLv2 License that is bundled
* with this source code in the file license.txt.
class RedBean_DependencyInjector {
* List of dependencies.
* @var array
protected $dependencies = array();
* Adds a dependency to the list.
* You can add dependencies using this method. Pass both the key of the
* dependency and the dependency itself. The key of the dependency is a
* name that should match the setter. For instance if you have a dependency
* class called My_Mailer and a setter on the model called setMailSystem
* you should pass an instance of My_Mailer with key MailSystem.
* The injector will now look for a setter called setMailSystem.
* @param string $dependencyID name of the dependency (should match setter)
* @param mixed $dependency the service to be injected
public function addDependency($dependencyID,$dependency) {
$this->dependencies[$dependencyID] = $dependency;
* Returns an instance of the class $modelClassName completely
* configured as far as possible with all the available
* service objects in the dependency list.
* @param string $modelClassName the name of the class of the model
* @return mixed $object the model/object
public function getInstance($modelClassName) {
$object = new $modelClassName;
if ($this->dependencies && is_array($this->dependencies)) {
foreach($this->dependencies as $key=>$dep) {
$depSetter = 'set'.$key;
if (method_exists($object,$depSetter)) {
return $object;
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