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* RedBean NameSpace Utility (experimental)
* Written by Gabor de Mooij (c) copyright 2011
* Licensed New BSD
echo "\n Namespace Utility for RedBeanPHP (experimental). ";
if (($_SERVER["argc"])!==2) {
die("\n Usage php space.php [namespace] \n\n");
if (!file_exists("rb.php")) {
die("\n could not find rb.php, must be in same directory. ");
$n = $_SERVER["argv"][1];
if (preg_match("/\w+/",$n)) {
echo "\n selected namespace: $n ";
else {
die("\n namespace contains illegal characters. ");
$code = file_get_contents("rb.php");
$code = "<?php
namespace $n;
$natObjects = array(
foreach($natObjects as $natObj) {
$code = str_replace(" ".$natObj,"\\$natObj",$code);
$code = str_replace("(".$natObj,"(\\$natObj",$code);
$code = str_replace(",".$natObj,",\\$natObj",$code);
$code = str_replace(";".$natObj,";\\$natObj",$code);
$code = str_replace("{".$natObj,"{\\$natObj",$code);
//save code
file_put_contents("rbn.php", $code);
die("\n output has been stored in rbn.php \n");
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