Preload needs protection if no parent set #211

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Maigre commented Nov 16, 2012

i'm playing with the recently added Preload function,
and i had some trouble with it.

Let say i do


if one of the given beans $books has no parent author set
(consequence: $book->author_id is null)
it fail and throw an error (invalid SQL)

I found an easy fix for this:

in OODB.php, in the preload function, at line 896 i replaced

foreach($beans as $bean) {
$id = $bean->{$field.'_id'};
$ids[$id] = $id;
if (!isset($map[$id])) $map[$id] = array();
$map[$id][] = $bean;


foreach($beans as $bean) {
if ($id = $bean->{$field.'_id'}) {
$ids[$id] = $id;
if (!isset($map[$id])) $map[$id] = array();
$map[$id][] = $bean;

So i just test if an id is available adding it to the preload pool.

This function is very helpful by the way, i hope it will help improve it.

Question: Do you think it's possible to load a bean AND preload all parents in one SQL query ?
It would be awesome ;)

Thanks for your work !

Best Regards


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